A strange affair She was not beautiful / In a classical sense / More round than straight / Her pale skin’s / Luminous alabaster / Was strangely different / … the bare bones lies and deception / illusion and a deceit / tricks intended / the bare bones of the soul / heart’s a frightened child / tired of … The Divine and Unbearable Celestial Love Affair She lay quietly, glistening, / the stars of her skin twinkle as his fingers pass / and he wonders what universe her mind is in / as he feel… Working Late ? Lines have appeared on my face / I can no longer, wear tiny lace / Love grows deeper over time / your heart forever, will be mine Love Triangle I cannot feel his heart beat, / and his shirt is soaked blood-red. / I don’t think that he’s breathing, / and they’ve just pronounced… You Are My Addiction Listening to me, as I rant and rave / You always follow my lead / In return you show me amazing things / Beauty to see, eloquent words to … COFFEE How about baby me chino over a Cappuccino / Or perhaps a manage a trios with Frappacino Who will it be, the slut or me? ( journal series) I dialed your number but / the voicemail said / to leave a message, you are busy, / so I did / _“hi baby, please don’t be too late / reme… Disposed Of (Like Celery-Tips) I have to tip-toe / on my toe-tips / to avoid the honey of your lips. A love affair built tall inside the mind running up a slippery dip / swinging to wakeup the sky / see-sawing to greet and farewell / the who / inside your open and closed eyes … Resolution The thud of the key turning in the lock sent Clara further down into her chair, as the hinges creaked to admit the visitor. The Affair (Mature) The Affair I came to your door / But before I made a sound / It opened like a yawn / said you were expecting me / I told you why I was here / I want… My love affair confession I think I’m in love / I have a new romance / My new partner has me enticed Tryst Let’s meet in the old hotel way out west. / We’ll take a room near the top of the twilight city. It is a curious feeling It is a curious feeling / When something happens that hurts so much / That you cannot feel it / Like water so hot it feels cold / Emotions … Sweet Passionate Affair Come unto me sweet passionate affair / Let life encompass our lover’s quest / Cold are the nights that surrounds us now / In Autumn&#… A Seamless Affair Something something. Who knows. I know it’s nothing special but it was in me gourmet delights – a breakfast tale ® (Mature) blood orange affair let it burn in your lungs / ripped apart the fragility / hope wont carry on Secret Affair I must say…It’s so much fun doing these designs, I feel like I am sneaking off to have some grand affair from the daily boring … Victory civilization creeps in the window / along with a stuttering breeze / sifting the ashes Doubles Cheating on her husband, and she couldn’t care, / the family don’t know either, of her adulterous affair. Coffee Shop Affair He held the white container with two hands, delicately, as if it were pristine, holy, relishing the heat. Sex and vegetables I smile to myself, bite my lower lip, fondly remember the rest…then his lifetime’s obsession reared its ugly head: giant vegetables. A True Canadian’s Life Long Love Affair Next to a window inside, yet I freeze all the more as winter grips all that would rather not be held by it’s frigid embrace. / What i… The Lady of the Lake The Lady of the Lake / Let’s say it was October, my shoulders were wrapped in a delicate woolen shawl and my mind – well, it was quite dizz… The thing about the fantasy is…….. He’ll make you feel quite special / as he seeks your time and attention; / He’ll whisper words to appease your desires / though… The Lovers How well they knoweth what e’er comes betwix them… Wash Day “I’ve done something bad,” said Ruby, lying stretched out on the grass underneath the clothes line. She’d been squinting into the sun. amnesiac’s chant *i’m missing a lover / that i never had / confected of ashes / and passion and sin^ Simulacrum affair ping connected world Country Affair Children in the country are suposed to be safe from the big city life. We’re suposed to get excited over the simple things that the c… (IT’s) A Love Affair With One Self… … (and) IT’s all about you. / :) Sweet Passionate Affair Away now me lady unto our secret Tryst / The time hast come for thy sweet caress / My marrow hast surely taken its leave / Come lay by my s… HE WHO CHEATS IS NOT FORGIVEN Did you suspect he was slipping away / When he came home late every day / Did he act as if you no longer exist / Forgot to give you a good … An Affair Of Words………. You will, and do rewrite your own thesaurus, your own charmed dictionary. / I in return will write mine……..from my own DNA of … One sided affair Retreat back to your little shell / You silly wench from whence you came / As tears stream down your saddened face / You soon become a to… Revenge She sat by the phone…waiting for it to ring / He wouldn’t call…same old thing / He was bad….sometimes good / Never … She Did Not See the Sky The first few drops of rain landed softly on her fingers, buried now in her hair. Beneath those long fingers her brain hummed with feverish… Black Dressed all in black, like a criminal, / convenient, given what I am planning to do. / I have worn a black lace bra, black lacy panties (… One step beyond. In between them / chairs clattered loudly, / bouncing off / a monotone hum / of hurly burly, The Affair (2) Our illicit tangle / of precious seconds. / A writhing crucifix of limbs / On the course carpet / Until our jangling nerves / collapse… My Morbid Affair One finger down my throat doesn’t do much anymore, / my gag reflex must have weakened from my multiple / encounters with the toilet. / Two … Secret socks Sexy socks? Shocking socks? AN AFFAIR He averted his eyes / Not looking at her / For fear it would start again / Her breasts were still firm / Waist so small / But unfortunately… Mini Mac/ Love At First Sight. Black/Shiny/Sleek Some Women Just Dont Get SEX! I feel for men I really do… / Call me a woman hater, although I am not. The Affair (4 and 5) The Affair (4) / So it ends with me / our meetings more like transactions. / A trade of flesh between a cavern / and a black market caval… Remnants Although my work is fulfilling, so many of the goals and dreams that fueled me as I departed home for college are now long gone, bartered f… Super Batty Hugh Moor Make ya rage and turn green, / Like Hulk but twice as lean. / If ya had a magic lasso; / Rope it and send it down to El Paso Black Hole To live on the event horizon / Drifting soundlessly / Along blurred gates of hell The Affair (1) Does it end with me? / Do you forget when I leave? / Does the accumulated sense, / the intense throaty humming / the shadow of touching, … 3 Minute Love Affair I had just gotten off from work today and was sitting at the second light stuck in traffic. I looked over to my left a noticed a man starin… THE GROOVY COUPLE She thought it was groovy / And he did too / That they made love / And no one knew / If they met while taking a walk / They never said a w… affair with eternity I will wait / beside a sea of tears / with hopefull awe / of every passing vessell, that you are upon them. / dream a dream between each dr… Indian Love Affair Dreams come true when your heart is fixed / Upon a vision or goal / Steadfast be and you one day will see, / Not in part but whole / We lo… A Life Un-lived, Chapter 1 She was addicted and he was her drug. Like any addiction, it threatened to destroy her very being. At any moment the walls guarding Cassa… Lunch for Two With a hint of lust and a glint / of intrigue, I instigated the conversation. / And you asked, “Are you Jennifer’s husband?… To The Mistress His worth is of no value dear, he’s nothing left to give, / his wife and children own it all, where it will always live. Dirty Little Secrets He came home late one evening / She didn’t want to fight / Looking in his eyes / The betrayal was so clearly in her sight / He sta… Poetic Love Affair You find me wherever I go / Pouring out when I least expect it / When you show your face / You stop me in my tracks / I can’t ignore you / … The Affair Time and again Sleep has proven to sustain me and / To support the growth of my heart. / But I turn my back on this soul mate and / Reach f… THE END OF A GROOVY AFFAIR She didn’t care..she was bold / It was something..that had to be told / It’s over…I’m on my way / Don’t want … From Afar… Funny thing, being online / It draws you in, playing with your mind / It’s subtle at first, you barely perceive / The intricate web it secr… A French Affair The coffee is bitter, burnt. I finish it quickly to make my appointment, meeting, engagement, affair. The stolen kiss A woman that I have fallin for but cant show our feelings because of obstacles. An affair Our passion is an unbridled one / Mere words fail to convey it / It is misunderstood, but some of the most beautiful things are / Reject so… An Autumn Affinity Affair --Those hands are made for shattering hearts.-- The Affair (3) I still have the letters / the proof of life. / I read the notes, / The billet doux, / The dead words / Over again / Like incantations / … Candy Cavern shush your mouth silly girl / did you really think Daddies stay I See You… Pretending to sleep / You wait until you think it’s safe… / But I am pretending too / You slip out into the night / To meet some place / Bu… THESE FOOLISH THINGS. She doesn’t know why she hasn’t told him. Say she’d met this man at the meeting and that she and he went back to his place and had a drink … We Started A Love Affair …We loved her with our malice, / For returning the emotion… / We loved her dry… The Affair Michelle and James had been together since they were in high school. Now they are married with four children. Their names are Kim, Nick, Wi… Ten Year Run I am at once inquisitive and afraid, / I want you too. Alphabetical Musings “Right out of those cop TV shows, huh? Suppose now you’re going to call the police? Tell them about the terrible scene we’… Making Sense of Tense “I have loved you is Past Perfect / but its neither past nor was it ever perfect / Its an imperfect statement with no full stop..R… An Affair to Remember eon @ the Movies saturday m… It’s a mini version of the classic…. Dont Cry " – )) / They dont make em like this anymore / [Video] The Love Affair Zirgo has a triangular head / he loves my circular motions / his hands are boxcar wonders / they connect and disconnect at will / he loves … A Current Affair I shall not want walking the plank / Adultery and theft are the mothers of invention / The love of money, the root of all evil / But ignora… Solace The man broke away from the crowd, stumbling into the middle of the street. He gave one last look at the mass of people on the sidewalk, an… Food of love I squeeze a lemon into a glass. / Like zest from his body entering my glass of desire. / The snake is more alive now! No Strings Attached. They’ll be tied to the way her smile lights up your day. There will be one wound up in her long auburn locks that drapes over your fa… The affair The delicate movement / A careless glance / The crumpled sheet / An unlikely chance / A floating memory / The blood red stain / An unsteady… The Affair A marriage lies / Shattered on the cold tile floor / Eyes meet / But they are strangers….. Food of love I stare at him from inside the kitchen window. / Such a pretty thing. / Like a strong stemmed rose presenting its lush red / petals so last… Harbored Affair MEMORY, SERVE ME CORRECT / THIS MAN I SEE BEFORE ME, I’VE KNOWN HIM ONCE BEFORE / WE HAD AN INFANT RENDEZVOUS / ONE THATS HARBOURED I… Food of love I squeeze a lemon into a glass. / Like zest from his body entering my glass of desire. / The snake is more alive now! toasty affair my ass is seated in the ass-seat / boy, the view is limited / but really nice there / and, you walk around in a towel / :)) / and,I’m… Food of love Like zest from his body entering my glass of desire. / The snake is more alive now! The Captain and his ship …Well, I must leave you now, / Mostly to launder my dress, / But do not worry dearest, / At your funeral, I will look my best. The arc of a love affair A flame was quenched in air, / but then All in Love is Fair, / the arc of a love affair I’M BREAKING UP THIS FAKE AFFAIR copyrigh… Yeah boy don’t think that I’m your toy / Coming just to play around pushing me to the ground / Bouncing with my feelings and tossing out my… Letter_1 You couldn’t leave me because I am you. / If you let out everything, you would love me / the same way I love you. / Tears rolling dow… Succulent Affair How beauty colours the brazen jars in winter pure, hardened; Embracing juice in dark cellars
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