♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ series . If you start me up I'll never stop . by Brown Sugar  thank you sir.Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones. Favorites: 40 Views: :  2823.  Lol , yeahh Gee and thanks ! Avant-Garde Art. by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D Blue Dream by VladimirFloyd ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ series . Apage Satanas !  . άπαγε Σατανᾶς !  by  Brown  Sugar . Happy Easter and many more :)  Featured ** . Favorites: 14 Views:  3666 . chill out ♥   Hold Your Memories. Buy what you like! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ series.  I just called to say I love you. Brown Sugar.   7 favoritings (2453) views  .. Thank you my friends and buddies ! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ series. I wanna swing Sweet Pussycat  .    by © Brown Sugar . 4001 views.  Woooooooooowssss ! My Friends ! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D 7322 *** La maja desnuda .  by Brown Sugar . (Tribute to Lucien Clergue) . Views: 7322. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin ! Hold Your Memories. Buy what you like!  by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D  Black Magic Love & Desire . by Brown Sugar . Featured artists – Art Of Nude – 22nd September 2012. Fine Art America. Views: 2600.  Buy what you like! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D climbed a hundred times. they know that special place…  	 5 ★★★★★ . Wish You Were Here  by  Brown Sugar . Thank you  ....Avril Lavigne !... Favorites: 3 Views: 900 .  . . Thx! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D My Adorable  marvel  ! (-_-) ...James Bond: GoldenEye . by  DJ  Brown Sugar. Favorites:  897.Thanks !!!. by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D  5 ★★★★★ . Within You Without You . by Brown Sugar . Tribute to The Beatles ..Thx! Favorites: 5 Views: 600. . by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D ♥ ♥ series ♥ . La Tentation de Saint Andrew . (Ἀνδρέας, Andreas) . apage, Satanas!  Amen ! by  Brown Sugar. Favorites: 5 Views: 466 .  thank you !  C'est tres manific , Featured in The Silky Touch. by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D Tollie's Trail of Tears the Legacy Continues by Tollie Schmidt ♥ ♥ ♥  Chanson d'amour ♥ ♥ ♥   !  by Brown Sugar . Featured  in The Silky Touch.  merci beaucoup Rémi Bridot , Je suis enchante ! Favorites: Favorites: 11 Views: 631 .Thank you My Lord ! . Thx! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D for you. for you and only you… ♡‿♡ Oh! Darling Evita . by Brown Sugar & Evita KittyCat. Chill out ! Favorites: 4 Views: 1787 . Thanks ! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D my astralbody... by roy skogvold  @ @ @ @ @ . One More Night  . by Ada & Brown Sugar . Tribute to Phil Collins - One More Night . Featured in Illustrated Pinup . Views  ! Favorites: :1070 . thank you ! thank you ! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D @ @ @ @ @ . Blue Cafe . by Brown Sugar . Tribute to Chris Rea. Favorites: 5 Views: 557.   thank you friends ! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D time never began. beyond any vision we can imagine…  All i wanna do is touch you  Ada !  Featured artists – Art Of Nude – 22nd September 2012. Fine Art America. . by Brown Sugar  ! Buy what you like! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D  j'adore... j'adore.... j'adore.... !!!!!!! ...Welcome to my Nirvana – A Place For Me To Express Myself..Buy what you like! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act. by Sirenized listen. i have yet to have someone listen to me… Yellow painting by autumn - Do you remember Yellow River ! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D ♥ ♥ ♥   "Falling into reverie " .  ♥ ♥ ♥  February 18th 2012   ♥ ♥ ♥  I can be your hero , baby  ♥ ♥ ♥  by Brown Sugar. featured in A world of EOS.Favorites: 5 Views: 314. Thx!.Thx! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D i wish. i close my eyes… Caught on film by Deri Dority Snow Queen by Andrzej Goszcz. by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D short poems. the freedom they offer…  5 ★★★★★ . All of My Love . by Brown Sugar . Tribute to Led Zeppelin - All of My Love .Favorites: 2 Views: 524 . Thx ! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D Unchained Melody . by Ada & Brown Sugar .Favorites: 3 Views: 235 thank you friends ! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D my silence. a world where i am free… you. hidden away in my heart ever so close… i’m done. today i end the pain… @ @ @ @ @ . Midsummer night dream . by  Brown Sugar  .Favorites: 3 Views: 327 .)  thank you friends ! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D doesn’t matter. it’s more than what you are in love with… sneaking up on 60. and friends and lovers who were by no means real… @ @ @ @ @ . A wild cat like a Puma.! The mountain lion is essentially a carnivore. It mostly eats moose,  and with special predilection guys ! by Brown Sugar. Views (301) featured in The Silky Touch  by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D my goals. my tomorrow, never my yesterday… making of the artist. and person is replaced with artist… rejection. those who reject you just for the evidence of reaction… twist. that simple dynamic that we all seek so desperately… gone. and i miss you… i love art. i envy a great artist… idle time. when used in such a foul way… maze. to one friend and then another… no regrets. wishing things were different… great life. it’s a great life… @ @ @ @ @ . Summer nights  -  paradise . by Brown Sugar . Favorites: 3 Views: 303 thx! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D and it hurts. when ill-tempered and unrehearsed words wound others… slipping away. i now understand what must be done… courage. i have lost some of those qualities… images of you. i record my images of you… wait. for each and every one… i age. and my opinions mean less… lost love. i cannot wish upon my dreams… hate. why is there hate… hope. the victory will not be yours… hidden away. sad that you bury so deep… the problem. questioning yourself is not the problem… alone with myself. you can take away my music… shows up. life just shows up… silence. but most of all i love the silence in life… how much time? i don’t know how much time there is… fit. who guided us to kindness… at home? and love and hate coexist… 9.11 i want to dream of tomorrows… sunrise. from this we get morning… if. if i were a sighted man… sunflower. that it is just as frail, and as fragile… ask. do you ever sit and dream of what could be?… evil. its opposite and evil twin… my mother. from the woman who tortured my heart as a child… just words. can you paint with compassion… so what? between futility and fate… my dad. the greatest friend i ever had… my first epiphany. i can’t believe… sick. a slow, debilitating complaint… see. if i were a blind man… journey. to faces and smiles unknown… my cat. what a lazy little tart she is… out of my mind. silently, to me alone, it speaks… see. if i were a blind man… why wait? why silence, when you could protest… selfish act. not enough moments to restore the spoil of my selfish act… and it hurts. funny how misspoken words,,, Bella Fiorina. by Doctor Faustus. by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D can. before you can… magical land. i want to take you to a magical land… so anonymous. how do such tiny beasts… who isn’t next? if next really meant what it seems to mean… truth. are my lies your truths? are my truths your lies… except. that took thousands of years to perfect… beyond the soul. first it robs you of your smile… answers. what path shall become my way…
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