‘Soon’ Three weeks of light to break me in, and now I’m set apart. / Although Black Friday’s canopy, has swept in wide and low; / mora… the sky above (poem) the sky above and / the world at your feet / a miracle in one hand / and doom in the other Above Logic Love is not a definitive equation, / but greater than a never ending number. Above Action Packed. This isn’t about living above a shop…… Sonnet: Beyond, Behind, Before, Above. Behind manifestation there are strewn / Existence-cosmic templates, intertwined / Pattern on pattern, potential lives on lives, / Precursor… Angel In Heaven Above Heartfelt thoughts after a miscarriage E. All of the above Complaining is yessing no-ness. Above Honour Of all the tales of the Great War, perhaps none was so heart-rending, and yet oft-forgotten by the minstrels, as one particular tale of val… Above Lyrics © Keeli A song that I once sang / I thought would give me everything / And fill my pot with gold / To keep me warm ’til I was old i saw you rise slowly above the water as i sat upon a swing over looking a small lake / listening to the notes of a piano with the beckoning / sounds of an orchestra of violin s… Capturing the World from Above Tips for Aerial Photography – Article in September Edition of “Wildlife, Nature and Landscape Photography Online Magazine” Light in the Underworld Born in the Underworld, where darkness is day, / She came like spring, like the first day of May. ‘Beautiful Puzzles’ Think of yourself as a puzzle, it doesn‘t matter how many pieces you choose – that depends on you individually. / There are pieces of… above a crimson moon above a crimson moon ,an angel did fly / she had a special net within her hand / which was used for capturing the vapourous dust / of soul… Ablution from Above My Sins I wear like Soiled Clothing, / I stand beneath the Rain, that I may be Absolved. / Cleansed I am, yet with arms widespread, / I emb… As I look upon the sky’s above As I look upon the sky’s above / the form of a Victorian lady / did appear within the softness / of a soft fluffy cloud, / She turne… FEATURE AND A SALE!!! TPW HAS FEATURED “JU… WOW, I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT… / THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE HOSTS OF TPW FOR FEATURING MY PHOTO..“JUST ABOVE THE TREE TOPS” I… ABOVE US ONLY THE SKY SUNDOWN CAME AND I WAS SURPRISED / TO SEE SUCH BEAUTY IN MY EYES / HAZY COLORS OF ORANGE AND GRAY / WHAT A MAGNIFICENT WAY TO END A DAY / T… Rays of Light The rays of light shining from above / sweet reminders of our fathers love. / Shining down warm and bright / Filling the darkness with HIS … It Is Me From Above Sit down gently and don’t be afraid my love, / This is a message from me that is in heaven above. / Remember when you cried as my bre… Above The Tree Line Above the tree line I found peace / Stark and crisp / Under a blue moon / Full, and shining / Ethereal and silvery / I felt free / The air … Sound of…. I stood above the clouds overlooking the dusk / but not high enough to touch the moon / I loved her eyes I yearned for her touch / and the… Toys From Above In the false glow from the city, I saw blood pooling around her, tracing the grout in the tiles, painting a grid away from her body. WINNER AND AVATAR FOR TPW- JUST ABOVE THE TREE TO… TPW CHALLENGE – JANUARY’S WINTER – WINNER – WINNER – WINNER- / “JUST ABOVE THE TREE TOPS” –… Above the clouds look for the nick / that starts to tear / to catch a glimpse / above / the day. From Above Ruffled green blanket / Seen far below / Where giant toes wander / And I desire to go. Above the Brouwersgracht They say, / “Why don’t you give up on this life?” / But I like this life / I can see style in it / I can see that with / persistence / peop… Featured in 100%———-“Soar… Oh my gosh, I am so thrilled to see that “Soaring Above the Seas” was chosen to be placed on the featured page of 100%. What a… Love emanating from the sky’s above (Mature) If “As Above So Below”, Then… … let your / inner sun / shine. / ;D Rise Above What would you say if you had one chance to say it? The world is cold, but it always will be. Wisdom from above ( Amphibians in transit) …would never have known about the ponds on top of bus shelters… The sky above us I pass a crowded street and no one looks to me and smiles. / I pass a crowded coffee shop and no one says hello. / I stood in a crowed line… we are above the foolish rules you can be concerned / but please don’t worry / we can kiss each other / on the wavelengths / and tie the knots with less / tightness… Gasping for Air I can’t… breathe!! / The stares are suffocating me. Message From Above “Receive us up into the sky, / Leaving this cruel world behind, / Make the changes while they cry, / They didn’t choose you, th… Above and Below Whispers of you / echoes of pain A gentle breeze stirs leaves above… … of loves lost long ago… Above the Birds A mosquito infested syrup From Above The Clouds Lightning flashed amongst darken clouds / as they transferred energy from one to the other, / Sending sparks and rays of light down to ear… Amongst the Stars I sit amongst the stars above, / Watching the world go by. / I sit amongst the stars above, / Never knowing why. / And yet as I watch the w… Jehovah above All His name alone is most high above all / It’s been removed from most bibles / But not forgotten by all / Whichever bible you read from / At … Let It Snow Let It Snow / Fall to the ground / White flakes all around / Falling from the sky / From above / Winter I love / White snow / Purify all I… Above The Ashes Above the ashes / Let Your name arise / And when my life flies in flashes / Before my upturned eyes For The Ride Above Before the time is ripe I have been at peace with my inner self, / And have decided to put my troubles and pains on the shelf. / There is n… but above all, a bystander Bare breasted and unashamed / to run the corners of this race against / social acceptance. / A bearded man with dirt in his eyes stands, / … Like the stars up above.. The moon stays to catch a glimpse of our love / Our hands intertwine like the stars up above / I’d hold you in my arms and never let … “the more we love…” the more we love / from up above / silences the / violences the / hate the / crime the / bottom line / is meant to be love. Angel’s Wings a picture gleams on a glass filled lake / an angel girl with an upturned face / she stands alone with flowers in her hand / as she moves to… I kept a key above the door …I thought about those / irritating little pieces everywhere. / You know the legos you step on… Words From Angels Above Sitting on the back porch / was a disgruntled man of sixty-three, / After years of sadness in his heart he was alone, / but of sin he was… Soldiers Above A poem dedicated to the brave fallen soldiers who have dedicated their lives to our freedom. This poem has been read at many military funer… Rise Above This world of facts and chances, / Just fills your heart with fear. above the earth above the earth beneath the sky / with eyes like static / noticing you just stood there / i landed on a bed of nails / what some call home … Rising Above The Rest I stood gazing only for a moment, then I slowly began to change. My Thoughts … Until You strip them… “All of the Above” What if I told you I was Scared? Death From Above, Life To Below The clouds let us know when they die. / We’re covered in their blood. / It’s ours now I See Light Above I see Light above / And Light below— / Surrounding me / Enfolding me / Comforting me / Sweet Light I know… / From Inside Source / Rivers o… Above the Clouds I sleep above the clouds, / Yes, the stars, / They sing me lullubies, / And I kiss the moon goodnight. / My dreams reach past, / The milky … head above water I want to say something happy / I want to feel good today / I want to rescue my sadness away / I’m supposed to be strong / a man / an… From Above To You, Darling Oh my sweet love, when you find this letter know that it is me from above, / You and I were a pair until my name came up and I left you wit… Heaven is above the sky Heaven is above the sky / In flight of high elation / 5 minutes past the clouds, / I expect no shadow from the sun, / where is it coming fr… Above, Absolute, Approach, Apart, Appeal Above… / All else / I will / Place you / In my heart / Higher than any / Beyond the reach / Of mere mortals / Always / Absolute… / Utterly … The Sky Above Look Above / These foolish stars think they can set the mood / But they’re not as stupid as you think / When they do it right, they s… Lifted Above. worthy. of all praise. / worthy. of all. / worthy. above the law my fundamental social responsibility / is to govern how you treat me / * / above the law: / where we all need / to be / * / selection / unn… Questionmarks above the head Stroll the roads of life. / Questionmarks above the head. / Carry along all those heavy loads, / searching for the funny things in life. High Above! As we fly high above and look down at the world below we see life as a patchwork of each year and each experience we discovered. Savor it f… Suspend Me High Above The calming and soothing pain fills my body as if a drug from within ‘Timelapsed [Anomalies’ End]’ Walk down the line, / that lies between the mirrors, / filtered through the words / pounding in my head. All of This and None Above …All of this and nothing hence / Becomes the borrowed heart from whence / A sound I found did manifest… ‘Keeping Faith / Leaving Normal’ Beneath ancient light / in flame adjacent, / like incense smoke, / or chanted chorus; / that wreathes my spine, / in sheets of ice; / I fee… You say…. You say teenagers lives are easier now— / a year ago two of my friends tried to kill themselves Beauty from above Time is ticking and the anticipation is killing me / People may think what they want about me Above all, how to love My eyes are closed / But my hands wide open / Theres nothing left of me / Yet so much to gain, and loose / Will this battle end in triumph … The Leaves Above The leaves above whisper to each other, / telling secrets we can never understand. / One leaf falls / slowly / to its death / shunned by th… THE HEART MAY BE DECITEFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS, BUT … The only truth i really know of, / is how to stay alive, / and to keep youself alive, / is to keep love alive, / no matter what life kick… Free-Fall It seems the world is in Free-Fall / at the same time crawling like a snail. / Time is speeding up and slowing down / at the same time. A Place above A thought through the time in existence……. From above the Nile I am about to fly across continents over the Nile / Booked next to the window far from the aisle / I know it took me a long time and a good… Love From Above Love From Above / Every day the sun shines into our lives accomplishing its life giving work fulfilling joyfully its dutiful work / But it … I hold my hand above my head marveling at light and stars— / artist technique frame one / between the boarders I seek to escape Hate, need, want (or all of the above) Need and want collide; / You make me feel sublime. / I want you, need you, / Yet you’re a waste of time. Through the Clouds I took a rocket to the moon / They told me back on Earth that there was no more room / For sinners like me / Well how can that be? Once upon a time, I lived on the 23rd floor just … Alice in forever wondering land see above downhill, / i want to be held, nothing more, / just untill i pass away, / into dreamy land. / clammy skin and uncomfort, / just, please, l… All of the above take you/enfold you from above aircraft lights sail over me, / on the dark lanes / in the dark rain, / mulling over the words again, / this motion ends tonight. / from ab… Into Empty Above Space He walks small strides in big men’s steps / His face an image of- / One who carries talking in his hands above the water I dabble, I doodle / I scream, I squabble / I want the whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle / I settle down, I dim the lights / I’m ash… Above the rain… Mountains and rivers I’ve tried to move / all I’ve made is a jumbled mass / by taking my will in my own hands / you are still m… LOVE FOR THE TREES ABOVE From the river I glance up / at the trees above, / and I breathe my thanks to the Lord of Love, / with gentle winds and Blue Gum trees, / I… floating above the world then i close my eyes, / hear a whisper slipping through / and then it rests on my palm Never Hanging From The Lines Above You leave me hanging like a nail from the Reefs to the Rainbows, / the awkward tan line between the toes. / Don’t drop the weight on … angel from above god has sent me angel from / a bove to live and laught and to / fill my days with love and with u / and my life and my l…
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