Addiction – Six Word Story

Joined Redbubble / Got Addicted / Never Sleep

6 words of frustration

Why are you everywhere, but nowhere?

Sestina – 39 line form poem w/6 key words

years ago a saddened peacock led me into a cathedral…

Sex: 6-Word Story

She used sex / as a weapon

SIDE LIGHT discussion of 6 Jan 2010 (Comments &a…

Produce striking art, photos, greeting cards, portraits etc., that grab the eye! And really stand out from other artists work!


ROME – Outside Pantheon Columns / Featured at “Architectural Photography” Group / MODERN PANTHEON – LOL!!! / Featur…

Letting love find another way home (Written for t…

The doors in my eyes / could never hold you— / you were born / the minute / you flew. / I will / my chains / to not follow / what the …

Modern Courtship: 6-Word Story


The Soap Bubble – Episode 6. The Opposition

Somethings rotten in Red Bubble, the powers of darkness start to plot

Obsession – Six Word Story

redbubble / redbubble / redbubble / redbubble / redbubble / redbubble

Collection Letter 6: To Adam

What if the person were standing before you…what would you say?

6 Word Story-My Mother

My Mother / My Guide / My Friend

How do you know you’re lonely?


Poem 6 of The Alchemy Series: The Slow Death of T…

I am trying to make sense of this dirt; / this stasis of living inside the us of us. / But how much sense can be made / when our love pock…

Natural Medicine – made easy Part 6

The common cold is a bit of a nuisance to say the least, it usually / strikes if your body temperature drops and you feel really cold, this…

Addiction III – Six Word Story

Bought Camera / Took Picture / HELP ME!

Six Word Story 5/6: “Two self-inflicted gun…


A Revolution in Kindness in Four Parts

I / Imagine a world where: / Sensitivity was respected above all qualities / Corporates listened to the voice of the workers and created sh…

Mundoo 6


Six Word Story 3/6: “She had broken his onl…


6 word story of the invisible man

Who said that?

Six Word Story 1/6: “Paypal payment receive…


Global warning

Earth dies, no memories, never existed.

MOONDANCE 6….final phase

last of the moondance. – Six Word Story

I went / I saw / I’m Hooked

Six Word Story 2/6 : “Nobody has time to re…


Addendum to poem 6 of The Alchemy Series: Black B…

The water brings the bear; / the Bear whispers to the salmon; / the salmon swims through me. / Today he spoke no words / of the garden— /…


My love for you / is the breath / of an essence

Addiction IV – Six Word Story

Consumed some alcohol, fell in Love

observation #6

some movies should come with health warnings!

6 Ways to Murder a Baby


Autumn – Six Word Story

Temperature Changes, Leaves Fall, HATE Trees


KESWICK ISLAND / CHAPTER 6 / DRIFTING & DROWNING / Introduction – Keswick Island – The Famous Five / Chapter 1 – Bew…

Inbetween – 6

Lots of pockets. Some refused to let her slide her hand in, others obliged but were empty.

Discourse with an American Dadaist – Part 6

“I think too much, I worry me to death…” I bet a lot of people…

insomnia—6 word story

midnight / eyes open / get up / bubbling

Addiction V – Six Word Story

I am now seeking professional help.


some-one stitched a monkey on / a bathtowel that hangs / from the railing on my shower / door some - / where i have never seen a / place i …

Six Word Story 6 (Part 1) – Memory

I write. / You read. / We forget!

Six Word Story 6 (Part 2) – Alzheimer’…

Atman dissertates. / Adamite scrutinizes. / Collective amnesia!


These are a few of my favourite things…

Beginnings: 6-Word Story

Having once died / I have / Life

Behind closed doors… 6 word story

Voices raised, fist raised …… love erased.

For Sale: Henry VIII Royal Carriage………

Seats six-plenty of head room!

Survival— 6 word story

Closing my eyes. Hiding from fear.

History repeats itself – a 6 word story

and again.

Fake Masks-6 word story

secretly crying / outwardly smiling / inwardly dieing

6 months and forever.

i remember that first day i saw you. / your curly hair is what caught my attention. / i had always wanted curly hair. / i remember thinking…

6 word story

Stinky butt baby naked and running.


Not Massive like the last one / & lots of good things happening at last! YAY!!!

The Player: 6-Word Story

Gain trust / Exploit other / Remove mask

6 word story – a momentary lapse of reason

Sanity forgotten.

Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) less…

Jesus destroyed the works of the Devil.


Simon Gladwin / a man baby / YEAH!

Passion of Love: Cahpter 6 “Living With Lie…

now that you know this is a fact will you now tell Logan the truth?" he inquired


Less is more sometimes

6 words for today and tomorrow

This moment.

#6. simple

i had a friend with many children / each a lovely girl / i enjoyed their company / supped at their home / we even all danced in a twirl. / …

Eloise Le Blue today is gonna be the day (part 6)

It’s hard to believe but, Eloise sometimes sleeps through her alarm…

Payday Blues— 6 word story

Check bank account / pay bills / BROKE

For Your Eye’s Only # 6

Upon a paper butterfly of iridescent blue / I penned for you, the love of my dreams, / I am the only one in the whole infinity of / the Uni…

Neverland [12-6-08]

If my shadow were to detach from my body, / I’m afraid of what it might do.

6 word story

My cat eats dragonflies like candy.


life is as good / as you choose to make it / as you choose to see it / as you choose to become it / as you choose to be it / x

6 Word Story/ All Of These..

Greatly Seeking…

I reached out and you reached back, in 6 words.

That’s better

She Said, He Said 6

“Do not ask me for more words, my apprehensions are blunted. I don’t know anymore how to praise.” She said. / “I don’t want to look at tong…

Psalm; 6 Cylinder Ford.

Thou preparest a parking space before me in the presence of mine enemies, thou annointest my head with rear-vision mirror’s; my confi…

Burn (Images project #6)

The emeralds and rubies of a destroyed art work in glass were stomped unceremoniously out of sight as the battle between man and the life-f…

The Circle

Birth / Play / Age / Highs / Lows / Death

The Sands Of Time….2/6/72

He lived like a hermit lives in a shack / Trying to beat the shifting sands

Seven degrees of Separation

6.6 degrees another day…..

The Wisdom of W’tson – part 6 [the fi…

If something is beyond our wildest imagination, it is because our imagination is not wild enough. / In life, many things do not work out as…

The Accused 6


6 Word Story “Erotica”

Actions speak louder than words.

6 Word Stories/ “SkyKlad”


The Shape & Structure of Give #6

… the burning of give …

He Needs A Body to Love (Spirit Walks Part 6. Fan…

‘You will need to see our homunculi fabricators,’ he said, and pointed to a cluster of short, green, dragonfly-winged sprites. / Oh shit! S…


Sometimes conversation is not required

Personalised number plates – 6 word story

You know the type

6~ Seun

My mother nods a few times, she thinks he understands and then she says…" Men always take but seldom replenish or give back.&quo…

Ghost Busting—6 word story

Go into the light, damn ghosts


Two broken beings, / I won’t say souls – those remain whole / through time, place, twists, turns, / land at the strangest beige…

“FEATURED” Me and Dolly Marie (contin…

During DooDah’s stay in southern Utah, Ali became curious about whether she was squirrel sitting a boy or a girl. Her friend, an outdoor e…

To be or not – 6 words

To be or not – 6 words

haiku himmel 6 (to their poetry: lisa jewel…

reading you / yet am / writing poetry like hair, long / nosing prints & pores / . / line links close as if / osmosis territo…

Six Words


Something In The Weather- Chapters 1-6

Chapter 1 / He woke up, sweating. The fierce winds that had chilled him to the bone had stopped and the rain evaporated, leaving him…

not always a good deal (from personal experience)…

cheap detergent / on sale / massive itching

the haiku marathon (part 6)

god get off my lawn / or i’ll turn the hose on you / my snake in eden

Ezra 4 and Opposition

So then the opposition became antagonistic and set out to

Six words #3

A million heart breaks, one heart

6 Word Story- “Casket”

Here’s a fear for the chlosterphobics..

6 Word Story “Despair”

A darkest hour.

6 word story… Printer!

Printer’s broken, she’s so pissed off!

The Shy One (part 6)

Humans know things without knowing how they know.
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