Addiction – Six Word Story

Joined Redbubble / Got Addicted / Never Sleep

6 words of frustration

Why are you everywhere, but nowhere?

Sestina – 39 line form poem w/6 key words

years ago a saddened peacock led me into a cathedral…

Sex: 6-Word Story

She used sex / as a weapon

SIDE LIGHT discussion of 6 Jan 2010 (Comments &a…

Produce striking art, photos, greeting cards, portraits etc., that grab the eye! And really stand out from other artists work!


ROME – Outside Pantheon Columns / Featured at “Architectural Photography” Group / MODERN PANTHEON – LOL!!! / Featur…

Letting love find another way home (Written for t…

The doors in my eyes / could never hold you— / you were born / the minute / you flew. / I will / my chains / to not follow / what the …

Modern Courtship: 6-Word Story


The Soap Bubble – Episode 6. The Opposition

Somethings rotten in Red Bubble, the powers of darkness start to plot

Obsession – Six Word Story

redbubble / redbubble / redbubble / redbubble / redbubble / redbubble

6 Word Story-My Mother

My Mother / My Guide / My Friend

How do you know you’re lonely?


Poem 6 of The Alchemy Series: The Slow Death of T…

I am trying to make sense of this dirt; / this stasis of living inside the us of us. / But how much sense can be made / when our love pock…

Natural Medicine – made easy Part 6

The common cold is a bit of a nuisance to say the least, it usually / strikes if your body temperature drops and you feel really cold, this…

Addiction III – Six Word Story

Bought Camera / Took Picture / HELP ME!

Six Word Story 5/6: “Two self-inflicted gun…


A Revolution in Kindness in Four Parts

I / Imagine a world where: / Sensitivity was respected above all qualities / Corporates listened to the voice of the workers and created sh…

Six Word Story 3/6: “She had broken his onl…


6 word story of the invisible man

Who said that?

Six Word Story 1/6: “Paypal payment receive…


Global warning

Earth dies, no memories, never existed.

MOONDANCE 6….final phase

last of the moondance. – Six Word Story

I went / I saw / I’m Hooked

Six Word Story 2/6 : “Nobody has time to re…


Addendum to poem 6 of The Alchemy Series: Black B…

The water brings the bear; / the Bear whispers to the salmon; / the salmon swims through me. / Today he spoke no words / of the garden— /…

Addiction IV – Six Word Story

Consumed some alcohol, fell in Love


My love for you / is the breath / of an essence

6 Ways to Murder a Baby


Autumn – Six Word Story

Temperature Changes, Leaves Fall, HATE Trees


KESWICK ISLAND / CHAPTER 6 / DRIFTING & DROWNING / Introduction – Keswick Island – The Famous Five / Chapter 1 – Bew…

Discourse with an American Dadaist – Part 6

“I think too much, I worry me to death…” I bet a lot of people…

insomnia—6 word story

midnight / eyes open / get up / bubbling

Addiction V – Six Word Story

I am now seeking professional help.


some-one stitched a monkey on / a bathtowel that hangs / from the railing on my shower / door some - / where i have never seen a / place i …

Six Word Story 6 (Part 1) – Memory

I write. / You read. / We forget!

Six Word Story 6 (Part 2) – Alzheimer’…

Atman dissertates. / Adamite scrutinizes. / Collective amnesia!


These are a few of my favourite things…

Beginnings: 6-Word Story

Having once died / I have / Life

Behind closed doors… 6 word story

Voices raised, fist raised …… love erased.

For Sale: Henry VIII Royal Carriage………

Seats six-plenty of head room!

Survival— 6 word story

Closing my eyes. Hiding from fear.

History repeats itself – a 6 word story

and again.

Fake Masks-6 word story

secretly crying / outwardly smiling / inwardly dieing

6 months and forever.

i remember that first day i saw you. / your curly hair is what caught my attention. / i had always wanted curly hair. / i remember thinking…

6 word story

Stinky butt baby naked and running.


Not Massive like the last one / & lots of good things happening at last! YAY!!!

The Player: 6-Word Story

Gain trust / Exploit other / Remove mask

6 word story – a momentary lapse of reason

Sanity forgotten.

Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) less…

Jesus destroyed the works of the Devil.


Simon Gladwin / a man baby / YEAH!

Passion of Love: Cahpter 6 “Living With Lie…

now that you know this is a fact will you now tell Logan the truth?" he inquired


Less is more sometimes

6 words for today and tomorrow

This moment.

#6. simple

i had a friend with many children / each a lovely girl / i enjoyed their company / supped at their home / we even all danced in a twirl. / …

Eloise Le Blue today is gonna be the day (part 6)

It’s hard to believe but, Eloise sometimes sleeps through her alarm…

6 Months Today

“I love staring in your big blue eyes….But hate them when they’re black…”

Payday Blues— 6 word story

Check bank account / pay bills / BROKE

Neverland [12-6-08]

If my shadow were to detach from my body, / I’m afraid of what it might do.

6 word story

My cat eats dragonflies like candy.


life is as good / as you choose to make it / as you choose to see it / as you choose to become it / as you choose to be it / x

6 Word Story/ All Of These..

Greatly Seeking…

I reached out and you reached back, in 6 words.

That’s better

She Said, He Said 6

“Do not ask me for more words, my apprehensions are blunted. I don’t know anymore how to praise.” She said. / “I don’t want to look at tong…

Psalm; 6 Cylinder Ford.

Thou preparest a parking space before me in the presence of mine enemies, thou annointest my head with rear-vision mirror’s; my confi…

Burn (Images project #6)

The emeralds and rubies of a destroyed art work in glass were stomped unceremoniously out of sight as the battle between man and the life-f…

The Circle

Birth / Play / Age / Highs / Lows / Death

The Sands Of Time….2/6/72

He lived like a hermit lives in a shack / Trying to beat the shifting sands

observation #6

some movies should come with health warnings!

The Accused 6


The Wisdom of W’tson – part 6 [the fi…

If something is beyond our wildest imagination, it is because our imagination is not wild enough. / In life, many things do not work out as…

6 Word Stories/ “SkyKlad”


6 Word Story “Erotica”

Actions speak louder than words.

The Shape & Structure of Give #6

… the burning of give …

He Needs A Body to Love (Spirit Walks Part 6. Fan…

‘You will need to see our homunculi fabricators,’ he said, and pointed to a cluster of short, green, dragonfly-winged sprites. / Oh shit! S…


Sometimes conversation is not required

Mundoo 6

His eyes widen. “I didn’t know you owned a dress!”

Personalised number plates – 6 word story

You know the type

6~ Seun

My mother nods a few times, she thinks he understands and then she says…" Men always take but seldom replenish or give back.&quo…

Ghost Busting—6 word story

Go into the light, damn ghosts


Two broken beings, / I won’t say souls – those remain whole / through time, place, twists, turns, / land at the strangest beige…

“FEATURED” Me and Dolly Marie (contin…

During DooDah’s stay in southern Utah, Ali became curious about whether she was squirrel sitting a boy or a girl. Her friend, an outdoor e…

To be or not – 6 words

To be or not – 6 words

MOUNTAINS OF GOD-Thy righteousness is like the mo…

I have collected many old books, and lots of beautiful things in some of them….Mountains of God – Thy righteousness is like the…

haiku himmel 6 (to their poetry: lisa jewel…

reading you / yet am / writing poetry like hair, long / nosing prints & pores / . / line links close as if / osmosis territo…

Six Words


not always a good deal (from personal experience)…

cheap detergent / on sale / massive itching

Something In The Weather- Chapters 1-6

Chapter 1 / He woke up, sweating. The fierce winds that had chilled him to the bone had stopped and the rain evaporated, leaving him…

the haiku marathon (part 6)

god get off my lawn / or i’ll turn the hose on you / my snake in eden

Ezra 4 and Opposition

So then the opposition became antagonistic and set out to

Six words #3

A million heart breaks, one heart

6 Word Story- “Casket”

Here’s a fear for the chlosterphobics..

6 Word Story “Despair”

A darkest hour.

6 word story… Printer!

Printer’s broken, she’s so pissed off!

The Shy One (part 6)

Humans know things without knowing how they know.

6 word story

My heart hurts , I am lost…


Beautiful blue flowing water / reflects the sun with a glow.
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