easter musing 2011 I see myself as a lover. I run on. Ask the invisible? Meaning? There is no sense or automation. No landside background or dragonfly wi… TO OUR ARTIST FRIENDS IN NEW ZEALAND !! Please wa… / NEW 02-23-2011 FROM TRACY…MADWORLD /… Thoughts in an exam I am so effing tired / God why did I stay up all night watching Sex and the city / Damn you Sarah Jessica Parker and your hilarious mishaps… PRAYERS AND HEALING TO QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA 01-12… mywebpage / To our dear artist friends here on Redbubble who may live there or have families there.. / AND TO ALL AUSSIES,, GOD BLESS YOU A… Grieving For Mom by Ellen Hecht © 2011 All R… “I’d never gotten the last word in with that woman, ever. Here was my opportunity.” Let the Race Begin for 2011 This race I’m running is not the human ‘rat’ race as so many would describe it, mine is the race towards the goal which i… 9 June 2011 Hallelujah! Hip Hop Hooray! / Another year to celebrate exuberant life! / Dancing Latin beats red pleasure / Experiential knowledge secret… “Our Hearts Are Broken But Our Will Is Stro… Eyes flow tears as my country floods. Yet these tears are never enough to express the compassion I feel for the devastation of my beautiful… 11.11.11 Revolution in Kindness / 2011 was a year of disruption. / A year when the earth groaned, she screamed with violent victory and sent us all … My Childrens!!! thank you’s … Hi Dear Artist Friends, / As some of you know who have read WHEN THE TIME COMES / you will remember that my childrens dad passed away!! / I… The Woodford Festival 2011 – A feast for th… Woodford is great entertainment, fun & food in a friendly non judgemental heart warming atmosphere. / .. 21 different venues offering m… Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow……̷… Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. / Cherrish also those who from time to time will let us down, without letting it, get you down…̷… Weary Of My Winter Body My body feels like a sacred, lost,hallowed hall. With windows thrown open, the curtains shreds of gossamer fabric, flailing, and wipping. E… TSUNAMI 2011 (Opportunist) What’s next for you / Bumper stickers / On cadaver dogs / I survived Tsunami 11 T’s My Thoughts on May 21 2011 Jesus knew what he was talking about in Matthew 24:36 that “No one knows about that day.” about a day like this – 19 June 2011 “how to climb a tree” Happy new year wishes for 2011 May peace break into your house / May thieves steal your debt / May the pockets of your jeans / Become a magnet for 100€ notes / May your c… February 14th 2011 Lady, what are words to those Lest We Forget 11-11-2011 It is not the Queen’s Land (floods 2011) Nature is warning / That every mother has her limits “Dear Beezer” by Ellen Hecht © 2… “Gully’s flooded . . . Not much to do but help sand bag. Figured since they locked you up and you can’t go no place neit… Last Day 2010 stepping out, stepping in Thank you for the purchase/s October 23, 2011 To Unknown Buyer/s / I hope you enjoy your purchase, and I appreciate it very much that my images are enjoyed enough to purchase. Oh joy, j… Eric David Lough read at Kent State University Fo… [Video] 2011…happy new year 11 denotes disorder, disorganization CSI: HUMPTY DUMPTY EXT. CRIME SCENE – NIGHT / Detectives Gruber and Fletcher are at an horrific crime scene involving an egg who has mysteriously died. Police… Brisbane Floods 0f 2011 – My Worst Fears It’s now Wednesday, January 12, 2011 and my worst fears have come to pass. My home, along with approximately 20000 others in Brisbane has b… 2011 (year in review) I don’t really follow numerology, / astrology or Scientology, / but during 2010 I suspected / 2011 would be a big year. / From 3-Feb-… ‘waits and waits and waits’ ………….. and now Pooh is home, safe and sitting under his favourite Hunny Tree, his arms crossed ……. lean… Health Care reform in 2011? It will happen, I think. A new year’s born with bells and wine Streams of people upon the street / The songs they sing and people they’ll meet / A new year’s born with bells and wine / as pe… Pluto not a planet? what’s up with that? A normal day in our solar system, but Earth has some super important news for Pluto / Pluto / Hey Earth, I got your text about something im… “THE PRIVATE DICK © 2011 “You slip your blouse off and let it fall to the floor. You’re not wearing a bra underneath. I rub my hands across your tits. You … “No mate, leave them be” There was a feeling incredible disbelief, yeah I know standing at the shoreline venturing into the waves, getting knocked over but getting … challenge 2011 1 the seamstress Her skill as seamstress was unchallenged the blouse possibly even lovelier now she had mended it. Daphne, the owner of the blouse told Be… LYBIA 2011 “What are you doing here?” a rebel asked the young black man who lay with his guts half hanging out. Gut shot: a bad token. Nobody likes it… May 7, 2011 Goose pimples adorn my face and back from a cool breeze. / My skin is dry and my eyes are wet, / Filled with salty tears that won’t f… Poem For Kylie – April 5th, 1:04 am, 2011 She’ll wake up soon / Around noon / That’s when she’s born / That’s when she’s sworn / Into this world and al… Modern Lament There were those I suppose, in the throes of that rose / that had spent their lament and that is just how it goes. / Like a whisper in the … Featured on RB Home Page May 30-2011 Nothing could have been more of a surprise than to find my image “Remembering” being Featured on the Red Bubble Home Page for M… Riots August 2011 now / voice of the voiceless / screams / among flames / of buildings / blazing with / anger… / night haunted / by victims dead / by state /… 4 = 52 !!! From 01/26/2011 to 02/25/2011 / 4 weeks = 52 features / BEST VIEW LARGE ! ~ CLICK ON THE IMAGES ! / Once again, my deepest thanks (and my a… Wormhole journey (2011) individuals connect to something greater. resolutions 2011 7. I will become a natural blond and refuse to be satisfied with a few blond moments. / 10 . I will rigirously avoid making lists that serv… Feb 20, 2011 A brain in a bowl. / It’s pretty darn gross, ya know. / But, I still love House. Beautiful People 2011 Grab the fairy floss by the stick and go ……… The Intangibles (17/05/2011) 17/05/2011 / No-one ever wrote on their tombstone, / “I wish I bought those designer jeans.” / There is more to life than materialism. / A … 2011 happy new year! / are you awake yet?? Junie 2011 die winter bewe buite / in bruin geroeste blare / van ‘n rytjie roosbome / langs die sementpaadjie Who Are The Puppet Masters? Who runs the show… / are the puppet masters / strings in hand / wealth in mind / greed in the soul?…. Blinder Shade of Shadows If I could drop my fate into a / Raindrop, Dec 13, 2011 One more goddamn chance / for real communication / walks right out the door. My TOP TEN + CHALLENGE WINNERS IN 2011 Horse and Rider; Avatar Challenge: / Cee’s Fun Nikon Group – High Quality Photography; Nikon – The Color Purple: / Down … My front Porch 2011 Broken my heart in more peices than I care to tell….. happy christmas 2011 a way by which a way is seen “EDWARD BREAKS FREE – Sort of . . .&#… “It was the first time Edward had independently satisfied his obsessive craving. . . / “Normalcy for Edward, from that time for… Popping Balloons in Crowded Places The world is a thin big black scarf / Thin like the blanket of lies and deception / That we douse ourselves in / To feel comfortable in our… Like Violence…(Mon. July 12, 2011) You’re the gun to my holster / the bullet to my shell / the bayonette to my musket / the pitchfork to my hell / you’re the vict… Politics 2011 How ironic / Bankers the law / We ask truth in lending, / Doctors must do no harm / Or be sued, / While politicians are overspending / (No… My onvergeetlike verjaarsdag 2011. “n Ou olifantbul wat in ’n stofpad aangestap kom…… May 7, 2011 No longer a child… Signs Of The Apocalypses (or the REAL Armageddon,… (Mature) Nov 25, 2011 (2) Age old conundrum; / choose between the steady gig / and the thing you love. Feb 23, 2011 She’s waking up late, / one more bad decision made. / What is she thinking… An Adjunct for Today’s Thought (5/09/2011) It seems to me to be, / the nature of the beast / is to be pleased with himself / when all sought thought has ceased, / poor souls are bo… The Fate of an Over-Achiever © 2011 Nelle Th… “. . . she sensed the lust smoldering in the eyes of the Nubian overseer. Overcome with exhaustion, she swooned as he scooped her up… Nov 3, 2011 (rewritten) In frustration and despair I utter once more / to no God or Man in particular / my favorite plea and prayer. / But which do I need for you:… Puff Of Smoke (14/05/2011) 14/05/11 / I feel the toxins in my body. / I feel the toxins in my mind. / It changes my body vibrations, / The fields of my energetic clim… Croydon Riots 8th Aug 2011, Our want want want so… It is mine / It is yours / It is mindless Nov 25, 2011 You are a trial, / a tribulation, for sure; / you might be worth it. Brisbane Floods 0f 2011 – The Aftermath A couple of friends told me about their own flood experiences and although interesting, I couldn’t really relate to any of it emotionally… … My Brother; USMC 2011; Promotion in Rank; USMC Promotion In Rank; My Brother Jackson / Father a former Marine and Uncles in other services littler brother to you I thank Come Back to Me It’s been a couple of days that my mind’s been clouded / Thinking of you / I never thought I could ever be so blue / I’m… “ROOM 312” By Nelle Thceh © … “The entire situation is so, . . . so, you can’t even put it into words in your head but it’s given you a hard-on that… Valentine’s Day 2011 What is this love / That we all talk about / Smile or snicker / Giggle or pout / Is it family or friends / Lovers or strangers / The girl a… Cold Warmth My stare gets lost inside the clamor, ensnared and damaged. / Frozen in warm skin, I can’t manage this spiking storm. 2011 wish Special Power When I was young / I used to dream about it / Having supernatural ability / The power that I could withhold and transmit / I could do anyth… What color is your sky (Mature) The Dark Side of the Moon The wind blows through my empty soul / Dark stormy clouds have covered the skies / I’m sinking like a whirlpool in this black hole /… When You’re Next To Me When you’re next to me / The world is a better place / Everything moves in harmony / I can flow through time and space / Nothing is i… “TATTOO” By Nelle Thceh ©… “I want a tattoo” the big man said, handing over $600 in $100 dollar bills." . . . / “Not just a tattoo. A very spe… re queenenigma’s ‘Getting old __Toda… ah! no! i shall kiss these enigmatic / lips and that way keep myself young also / every 23rd of may that will come / i am of the magic numb… A Few Words to Hold in Your Heart “Never forget the love of a true friend. / It is unconditional, simple. / Laughter that made you melt, that cleared away / Fears and … Feb 19, 2011 When the tired sun / sets at 5PM, I feel / my heart sets as well. Feb 27, 2011 I hate the silence, / but I can’t see my way to / an alternative. January 17th, 2011- Torn my backs against the wall and the longer I wait to jump the less certain I am to/ land in the water and not the rocks./ / So I might as wel… Respect … 6th June 2011 Time to walk away / Back into the Wilderness … 8-2-2011 The instant the sound hit my / ears and rang / it was like memories flooding / into my brain / and the heart ache experienced / strung alon… Unfinished Love Business – 2011 I have called you all the horrible heartwrenching names under the sun,moon and stars….. A Not So Unexpected Ending. (Mon. Jul 11, 2011) I wrote my life / before I could read / before I could see / before I could breath / I write my life / every night when I dream / every mom… Regen regen Dec 3, 2011 Communication, / in any relationship, / is imperative. Get your Body on the Dance Floor Don’t just stand there / Let the music fill your spirit / Don’t be scared / Take her hand, make her submit / Hold her close / I… January 6, 2011 10:00am She leered at her next victim as he sat in the coffee shop across the room from her table. She always picked out those who seemed helpless … 01/30/2011 I have always been a believer, / sometimes, / that the things that happen in our lifetimes happen for a reason. / Seen or unforeseen as the…
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