“Silhouettes” 1985-10-28 Life’s not so much fun / When you believe in reality / You’re the one / Who’d be happier dwelling in fantasy. / The imagi… Abandoned asylum. Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. Built 1921, closed 1985.  by UpNorthPhoto SAAB TF-35 Draken 351156 AT-156 by Colin Smedley Calla Lily between Two Lives by Toni French Locomotive display, Bochum, Germany, 1985. by David A. L. Davies Emerald City by Imagery Abandoned asylum. Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. Built 1921, closed 1985.  by UpNorthPhoto Cube Champion 1985 by acepigeon Abandoned asylum. Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. Built 1921, closed 1985.  by UpNorthPhoto '85 KISS Concert Poster by KirneH001 Did Wednesday June 19th 1985 ever happen? It occurred to me the other day that despite being fifty three years old and having a better than average memory, I have no recollection wh… GRRRR! by dougie1 “Love/Hate Hot/Cold” 1985-11-11 Lies hurt, / Leave scars. / Emotional dirt / Battleground of love’s wars. / Not a glossy cover / But inside is like honey. / What a l… 1985 - watching back  by moyo Abandoned asylum. Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. Built 1921, closed 1985.  by UpNorthPhoto Abandoned asylum. Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. Built 1921, closed 1985.  by UpNorthPhoto Brooklyn Bridge at night. 1985 by Daniel Sorine Thinking of you G’pa (18th June 1985) Wild rugged mountains, wild flowers and trees, / Crisp misty mornings and autumns gold leaves, / The stillness of a lake, the power of a st… “Worlds unflamed” 1985-12-30 The thirsting desire / of sexual passion / Burns as fire / through a physical forest / Easily ignited / wild & untamed / Easily sighted… “It’s Raining Outside” 1985-11-… Understand what I say, / I can’t put it any other way. / I need you 2 be next 2 me / I want U at my side, / To stay with me / when it… Kersfees 1985 as jy verlief is…. 1985 - just in time by moyo Video Game Heroes - Ice Climber: Popo (1985) by Jarmez 1985 Banksia spinolosa  in back yard by Fred Mitchell Razors. 1965-1985-2009 by Daniel Sorine Video Game Heroes - Ice Climber: Nana (1985) by Jarmez Original 7" vinyl cover 1985 by thesquarepeg Abandoned asylum. Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. Built 1921, closed 1985. by UpNorthPhoto FutureBoy by bexcaboo Save The Clock Tower (White Print) by GritFX Grumman OV-1D Mohawk 67-18905 by Colin Smedley Tony's New Toy-Back Half by MissyD Water Buffalo, Sri Lanka, 1985 by randmphotos “Medieval flower” 1985-11-22 Hi peaked castles of gray, / reaching up to the sky. / Flag dancing atop a high tower, / Petals on the medieval flower. / Glades of green f… Craig Jones 1985-2008, A Tribute by Mark Greenwood 1985-2006 Just a little explanation before reading this one….I wrote this poem one month before my 21st birthday. The words came to me from ou… BA Swallow II G-AFCL banking by Colin Smedley “Bulletin” 1985-10-22 Give me an open heart / And a friendly smile / Not an infuriatingly hidden flower / With icy petals. / Warm me with friendship / Feed me up… “Frozen Flame” 1985-11-16 They’re off again today / People in conflict / Wrestling in liquid clay; / Personalities never clicked. / Find me at peace, / A froze… 1985 by Julia Washburn Video Game Heroes - Robotic Operating Buddy (1985) by Jarmez “Psyco” 1985-10-27 Wizards of art / Soldiers in the style war. / Their slogans, not taken 2 heart / mean little or nothing at all. / A chance to protest / wit… “Running from Reality” 1985-11-14 Always U, always me / Running from reality / Wanting 2 be set free. / Calm but independent / Waiting 4 someone you / Can spill out your sec… “Diminutive Warrior” 1985-12-17 See the chihuahua / Feel its awesome power. / Small brown legs / host a fearsome body / little thin pegs / Powerful stalks 2 make ground so… “Overcoat” 1985-11-07 definitely stalking “Communal Treachery” 1985-11-20 Do I sound like a liar? / The truth mystifier? / You’re not the town fool / So why believe in fiction / Spoken by the cruel, / And sp… “Power in Puddles” 1985-11-22 Walking down the road / Water falling from the sky, / I can’t say I don’t feel the cold / Why bother 2 lie. / Dreaming as cars … Game of dominoes in English pub, UK, 1985. by David A. L. Davies 1985 by Bryce Edsall “…And About” 1985-11-09 Smoke filled scene / Nightclub dream. / Rhythmic excitations / Dancefloor Gyrations. / Looks so sweet / Making the beat / Strut & flirt… “the Crowd” 1985-11-25 Feel the crowd / make its presence known, / Shout out aloud, / but you’re always alone. / Social unconsciousness / is general ignoran… “Excuses” 1985-10-29 I don’t feel like writing poetry / It’s just verbal carpentry / To carve out a scene / with the underlying theme. / Pouring out… “West” 1985-10-26 Good Guys always win. / Good Guys get the girls. / Bad guys slink off disgraced / Bad guys potential gone to waste. / Black & white / L… Music Man - Berchtesgaden Germany  -1985 by David J Dionne 1985 - dizzy by moyo Keep Calm and Hit Eighty-Eight MPH by Ellador “On a cold & windy day…” 19… Depression tints my vision / Misty clouds roll into view / All because of the derision / handed out by you. / Look at me, / I’m down … “The golden fleece” 1985-11-17 Kindred Spirits / Taking life 2 its limits / Moving as one / Giving new meaning 2 fun. / This city / from the ugly 2 the pretty / has never… “Red shifting” 1985-11-23 In the void of space, / Here am I in a metal case / Aimlessly wandering / Time for the squandering / Each star reminds me / of the ways you… 1985- Ancient History by Kevyn Paul Eisenman “Fobias” 1985-11-11 U leave me wondering / Y do I keep on blundering? / Each time our eyes meet / as we pass on a crowded street / scenes dissolve & there … “ReRead Words” 1985-11-22 Another day passes / And life continues to amaze me. / Learning from classes / Improvement’s easy 2 c. / Why when I think I’ve … “Bodily Resources” 1985-12-19 Coordinating bodily resources / To perfect the motion / Your mind forces / A continuing application. / Hard word, body sapped / Conscience … “Anyone” 1985-10-26 Rain falls down around us / As we walk the road / Waiting 4 the next bus… / It’s not easy to “behave” / on public t… “Terri” 1985-11-03 I can remember holding / You in my arms / Seeing the look in your eyes / The love channelled from your heart / Giving my soul somewhere 2 b… Abandoned asylum. Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. Built 1921, closed 1985.  by UpNorthPhoto “Firefly” 1985-12-16 Time away from you / Is like life without food / Hunger 4 love can make U / Worry & brood. / And when you’re addicted 2 caviar / … “Heaven’s Breathing Vision” 198… Living art unframed / Walking the world untamed / U can’t see who you are / Or your mind will not accept / A brilliant shining star, … Abandoned asylum. Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. Built 1921, closed 1985.  by UpNorthPhoto Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 XJ763 G-BKHA by Colin Smedley Astral Camaro by Greg Lester “If only 4…” 1985-11-07 Ever the fool, / always an idiot. / If only 4 a moment / Someone would care, / my life’d be much easier. / Instead of being used / I&… “The Misfit” written 21/10/1985 by Wi… Well created suspense. Vividly portrayed actions. “Shout into the dark” 1985-11-26 I’ve nothing to say / to everyone at once, / I’ve got these cards to play / But I feel like a dunce. / Listen 2 me no-one /… “Instant Blax” 1985-12-18 Electric Dreams / Sean screams! / Instant blax / know the facts. / Think it’s hard / To approach her / Can’t play the card / An… “Possession” 1985-10-30 I hear voices. / They’re calling names. / Where are the faces, / Stop playing games. / This verbal ping-pong / Broadcast in stereo / … Australia $5 - 1985 by Robert Abraham Australia $10 - 1985 by Robert Abraham Moviebarcode: Back to the Future (1985) [Simplified Colors] by moviebarcode “War.” 1985-10-23 Twitching in a trench / Rifle to my shoulder / All around me the stench / of dead bodies growing older. / Why did I survive? / Who decided … “Gunox” 1985-10-08 Gunox, / takes the blox / And tests the water temperature / With his new herbal thermometer / Fairly smox / Gunox! / Communing with nature,… “Reality” 1985-10-25 Footsteps on abandoned streets / Hands in my pockets / Distant rhythms & beats, / Faraway alcoholic rockets. / Darkness enshrouds my ey… “Culmination of a miracle” 1985-12-15 I see you sitting there / Truly stunning / Titling your head, arranging your hair / With that feminine cunning, / A sight all should share.… 1985 Land Rover Defender 90 - Diesel RHD by Daniel  Oyvetsky Locomotive display, Bochum, Germany, 1985. by David A. L. Davies Retro Collection  -- 1985 by Elo Marc “Time slurs the pain…” 1985-11-… Sleep blurs my brain / Like time slurs the pain / Eyelids heavy, need to fall / Soul surrounded by a wall. / Bodily collapsing / As does ho… “Arriane +” 1985-11-14 You yell about my melodic refrain / But it soothes the seething mind / So please try not to complain / And remember (forget) your own bind.… “Coalesce” 1985-11-4 Repression / breeds Aggression / As defiance / turns 2 compliance: / Mind breaking / Soul shaking / Will’s capture / Cliff walking / … “Jung & Freud” 1985-10-23 Children’s tongues / Slingshots loaded with insults / Leave psychological bruises / On the impressionable mind. / Small childhood exp… “Dyke 1” 1985-11-02 How can I answer your calls / When I’m trapped by these walls. / Insecurity is emotion’s skin / Expression’s not 4 the pr… “492755” 1985-10-23 What treasures will she hold? / Can U be both beautiful / And possess a heart of gold? / One of the world’s finest creations / Her ey… “Where do U get off?” 1985-10-24 Scheming / To gain at the expense of others / Perverse dreaming / Y don’t U treat them like brothers. / Have you no feeling, / No sen… Australia $20 - 1985 by Robert Abraham March 1, 1985 by MehrajAnik Original Since 1985 by oreundici
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