AMERICAN TRINITY Many contradiction I have been seen in the last decades and it is impossible for me to understand the reality of this nation base on one si… The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (#occupywallstree… Is this a real Social Uprising that look for a real change & it won’t be over until it happen or this is just another Ant-Everyth… Indeterminacy 8 (1984 + X) Big Brother is smelling you. JUSTICE IS, HAS, DOES, CAN JUSTICE HAS,IS, DOES, CAN GO BEYOND THE LAW. / LAWS ARE MADE FOR MEN FOR THE MEN, For Timothy 1984-2009 Out beyond the blue sky and the white clouds / I seem to remember you telling me / There are no white clouds / Only clouds that appear to b… …pavlov’s dog…turning tricks… every second of the day time stamped…captured capturing the captured 1984 – Auld Reekie Auld Reekie 1984 – No visitor would have ventured far beyond John Knox’s House on the Royal Mile before turning back. Waiting to score He proceeded to chop at it, on a small marble slab, working on it until it was a fine powder, he looked up and caught my eye, he grinned at… kipple trash pulp fiction for the masses destination coordinates on target to…zero one in the dead zone of death The Prey This is our commune, / our kibbutz, / our ‘other’ address. / This is where we come, / to become. Exposed. the air is digital digitized talking talk the air is digital digitized…CCTV sees you and repeats the lies Exponging 1984 In the book 1984, the message was to eradicate the orgasm. / In 2011, perhaps we should consider what is important to us as people. / Maybe… 1984 revisited (for M.R.) you ain’t pretty, you’re more like the bomb / you walk the beat, the whole scene starts to explode / now i don’t know wha… Forced Meditation My mom says it’s something not to know, but to feel, but I don’t feel anything, or maybe I do but it’s just my imagination, made-up just li… Ommissions – 27/1/1984 I love you more than I did yesterday Capp’s Diaries Well, I’m not going to let this happen. I refuse to hide the truth any longer. I will set an example for others and I can only pray that it… Steps – 21/3/1984 Not easy being young and in love Signs of the times I think I will enjoy the times I am given now, because my friends, THESE are the good old days. August 3, 1984 But there is still a struggle within myself. An on going fight between my heart and the pain I once felt. 1984 I believe I was born in nineteen hundred and eighty four / It was then I came into existence, and certainly not before GODRINK SMELT A RAT. Godrink smelt a rat. He understood / The politics of the game, knew people / Disappeared or were locked away, / Certified insane and nev…

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