Poem 3 of The Alchemy Series:The Meaning of Life … Who are we? Where are we? Why are we here? / Discuss. / I. / Back up; / in full reverse. / If you fall and nothing catches you / but the wi… Thanking You………… I miss you, and haven’t forgotten you. about a day like this – 19 June 2011 “how to climb a tree” Luke 19:1-10 Even as these words came from my mouth, I could hardly believe what I was saying. A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (19) Holy Smoke We found our natural target in another server, a senior one. He was a sanctimonious middle-age man with a military moustache clipped neat a… #19. return home . . . I waited expectantly / As movement flowed upward / I shed my clothes / To stand naked before my Maker ~ / What of this glorious temple Lord… Just a 19 year old junkie stripper. She looked and could see a small blue mark appearing on her honey colored arm. This was it. The moment she’d been waiting for. Something In The Weather-Chapters 19-22 Chapter 19 / The Police Chief got a call as soon as he had arrived at his office. He picked up the phone to see who would be disturbing hi… Haiku 19 – hairdresser talking / hairdresser trims — / snips Passion of Love, chapter 19"Embers Burn Hot&… I’m gonna store it all up and unleash the beast on this Deliver guy’s ASS. Quote for the Day; 07-19-11 Step outside of yourself today / Look at your world in a whole new way In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Now you know the origins of in like a Lion and out like a Lamb. 9|19|13 She left in the last days / of summer, / transforming herself / perhaps, into one of the / flowers that stand / surely and solemnly / along… Luke 19:1-10 (re interpreted) Even as these words came from my mouth, I could hardly believe what I was saying. Congratulations! Your photo has been featured in … Congratulations! Your photo has been featured in “Style! Class! Elegance! Excellence!” / This photo was chosen because it was of a very hig… Makeba Art Show 1/25/09 – 2/19/09 – E… Makeba Kedem-DuBose Art Exhibit day 19 “Point. Got a theory?” / “Nope. Just a headache. 19. bloom! Make use of each space / Do not waste it, / Taste it. / Make use of each moment / Do not burn it, / Learn it. / Make use of each day / Do n… Do I have the right to write about 19 My childs lungs exploded aged just 19 Peggy McGuinness 19/05/1920 – 29/01/2009 All clocks are stopped / The last tick is tocked / The pump is now still / The last grain is spent / The final flow’s ebbed / All doubt i… Article 19 When their choice makes me cringe / And is positioning us all for a fall Angel sis 5/19/09 A homage to my sis, gone 5 1/2 years… timeless family R.I.P 08-19-2008 No hay riquesas sin trabajo, / No hay placer sin consencia, / No hay comercio sin moralida, / No hay siencia sin humanidad,, / No hay educa… Today I am…19-11-07 Today I am mostly Playing Starwars Hangover [4-19-08] My body’s rejection of the alcohol / is coming out both ends. / The digested Arby’s is pink, / and swims around the toilet bow… THE FOURTH DAY …..Genesis 1:19-22 THE FOURTH DAY………These scriptures are a reminder that no matter what God creates he will take care of and provide for. 16 and 19 16 and 19 / She said love is not something you can see / But something you can be / Together / At their first kiss she knew he was the one … Soc tri-community food bank volunteer appreciatio… Food Bank Volunteers Served For Dinner / Halloween is over, of course, and people walk the darkening streets with a lighter, easier step. N… 19 Below 0 The darkening sky, / brilliant blue / behind the mountain, / begs me / to glance / its luminous sapphire. / Blustery wind / roughly shoves … reply to donna 19’s comment to: ’R… sometimes the words be waiting / thinking dusty springfield; plath . . . / knowing they’d dress up poetry / j’darwin 19 I never grew up / I have remained 19 years of age for ever / though my body had aged to a point / it hurts to look at in the mirror / my m… Crankwood Chapter 19 The Disposal Memories remaining of an equally foul but justified deed. Dark Angel 19 “Cam, come with me," ordered Lily. "I will give you a massage.” 29/03/2009 14:19 – The Pessimist and the So… “you seem a deep thinker, and perhaps more pessimist than not.” – Narcissus17, 28/03/2008 / Deep as a well. / The half-nights of half-sleep… 1. 19 – how do you give hurt a title? haunted by naught but panic, 19-SEP-2010 – WINNER!!! IN FELINE GRACE CHA… CATS AND DOGS GROUP / THANKS TO ALL WHO VOTED FOR MY IMAGE New Featured Work 19 03 2009 “Prague roofs 1” was featured in the group Impressionist Art 19 03 2009 SMOR GOLF TOURNEY 11-19-2008 SMOR Golf Tourney Invite with Explanatory Notes for Non-Golfers. / If you are already a golfer, and Chamber supporter, please feel free to … 19 Steps to a Cycle 1. A child’s cries ring out in the black / 2. Fizzling through fissures in the darkness / 3. Ricocheting off street lamps diluted / 4. Like… 19 (Mature) Featured Work on October 19, 2008 Featured Work / “Red Arch” was featured in the group " As Is" yesterday. / What a lovely surprise! I want to thanks the sta… Revelations 19 Stars Fall From Heaven “19” Cards Sold …. thanks “Ross the Canadian living in England” for purchasing these cards ,I hope the recipients of these enjoy them and have a M… mini challenge 19 november 2009 As a Christian my position for the order of this particular section of time – which is itself only a part of a greater time – is dist… Isaiah 43:19 Rivers He will make, spring up in the deserts / In the parched land of my soul, / As I journey forward in this difficult terrain. / He is W… “Learning 2 Fly” 1986-06-19 Strange distant places / that hide so many familiar faces / Call to me in my dreams late at night / Visiting me thru my imagination’s… ‘’haiku re the good wall’’ thank you! donna 19! the only good walls / are with a hole you agree to / / or the wall between / . / . / no its the want that / makes walls ok or not oke / on… 19 Years………Exit This Way… Why did admiting to my daily usage for two years to you, in an attempt to fix us, to have all the cards laid on the table, prove to be the … “Wonderland” 1986-04-19 The way I feel right now / The way U look tonight / I know that somehow / We’ve finally got it right / As we touch for the 1st time /… Take 19 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet “A Waterfall” 1986-01-19 He sits, looking out the window / at the top of the city, / the world spread out below / it all looks so pretty / But he doesn’t see … “Cinder” Wins Challenge in “Po… Many thanks to all the people who voted my image “Cinder” in the “Portraits in Natural Light Group” Challenge. I a… functionalism 19 Since Nations are really not spi… …now / Jesus Muhammad and Abraham walk into Buddha’s café and there is this female / comedian impersonating a male… re donna 19’s ‘Love [FN ADDED CRUCIA… _leprechaun/rainbow/pirate/land/personal/stolen/gi’en/ / inculcated/selfwrought… pots of gold/evaluation/ / resourcefulnessR… Psychic Detective Chapter 19 Mark Owen was quite an ordinary chap by theatrical standards. About thirty, quite tall and very lean. His thick black hair licked back to h… Oct. 19, 12 Oct. 19,12 / I’m sad. Not the kind where you tell a joke and a smile suddenly appears on my face. I’m the kind of sad that only a tiny perc… Part 19 – Dangerous Liaisons Transcription of telephone conversation: 15.32 : 15 September 2015 / Mr. Sincerity: I know it’s late in the planning but is there anythi… j’darwin poem to ms beethoven 3 (thanks! d… wouldst her lines let me live her poetry as reader than protogonist / post gone abstractly into the makng of / the telling of the tale /… reply to donna 19’s comment on ‘re an… the poet / artistic / h’ manner / as the leaves / of cacti / ’d ask you / please bleed some / / take care, do, / fragile be: / … Part 19 Missy’s Misadventure Missy Pheelyne had made it back stage; these security guys were amateurs when it came to a true professional who’d weaselled her way back i… 19 full masses seem. / just two people. / experiment. quiet. / whispers as one sleeps. / watches another. Soc Triangle L Ranch 11-19-2008 December is too, two exciting at the Triangle L / Promising twice the fun for the month of December, the Triangle L Ranch will be hosting t… Two Features in Victorian Viewfinders 12/19/08 Thank you so much to the group hosts. I am thrilled!!! / “DUCK LAKE” / “DEER ME” Thank You For The Feature And Three Top Tens 8-17… Thank you Host In Nostalgic Art and Photography for featuring “Shadows Of Time” ! Thank you all of you who voted for my work… “nothing like me” ricardo perez jr … “nothing like me” ricardo perez jr 5-19-09 / So much the same yet not / I give yu genuine love / yu give me shit / I give yu… ‘’the beau’s nonhaiku song of/re/to h… what are you doing?! are you hungry, jud?! / . / . / i never not am, you asking; all ways!; not / being witty: really am. immediately … RUNNER-UP IN “FLUFFY CATS” CHALLENGE … CATS AND DOGS GROUP “The Countryside” Featured- 10-19-08 I am so pleased that this shot has been featured in the Country Bumpkin group. Thanks so much to the group hosts! " Outlaw " ricardo perez jr 8-19-09 ride against the wind / against time / nothing’s too tall to climb / all for the taking / never settle / stay ready to ride / hide … Image featured in All the Fun at the Fair Groups … Many thanks to the folks over at (All the fun at the fair) groups for making my image Cuckoo Haus a featured image! a j’darwin poem yes autobiographical (whil… unbelievably thinking things gathered enmasse / all but army frays when meeting at least a storm / a scrum that want to be so mutually engr… 16 19 22 Carlton recruited Judd / Australia elected Rudd / but you didn’t give a fuck / your dad overdosed on drugs re ‘’storm crests’’ by do… but, no, i cannot write on this but by / empathy lay wouldst say words upon thine / clasping crabs long gi’en roget’s full trea… Featured 11/17/08-11/19/08 “Beautiful Sedona” was featured in the Rural, Urban, Wild, Free-Expressions of Artists Group- 11/17/08 / “Flame” wa… 19! The golden days are fading fast / sort of… like old men running fast. / You don’t expect it, / But before you accept it / They&… j’darwin re donna 19’s ’’… life always rewards / appreciation / always there as well / . / juddarwin DOUBLE Featured Photos in “Resuced PetsR… Many thanks to the Moderators of Rescued Pets Group for selecting my two images for the Feature ‘’Donna 19’s ‘Thee My Ant… to bring them here instead of us going far back we / see an afghan… girl green eyed face dirt covered what / that all eye thing look … Dark Angel II, 19 This time she would not let it become personal. This time she would not make the mistake of falling in love. the foundling 19 a trail of footprints I will leave you / to find me when I’m gone I Kings 19:11-12 The blowing of the wind…. The Godkeeper 19 The Sweeties are lovely. Unlike us, they don’t suffer from jealousy which makes them so much nicer. And sweeter." Spares 19 the young bodies floating in four neat rows all had the same vacant stillness Mundoo 19 “Some women! Makes you wonder what a man’s got to do to satisfy them,” Melva tuts. “My Diary” 1986-05-19 As I look back thru the years / Read my sometimes silly fears / I realise thru feelings I can’t disguise / That sometimes the heart f… The Repairman Part 1 of 19 (Mature) “Bodily Resources” 1985-12-19 Coordinating bodily resources / To perfect the motion / Your mind forces / A continuing application. / Hard word, body sapped / Conscience … The Bloodaxe Saga, Book 2: Of Dreams and Fate Ch.… Chapter Eighteen / (One Eaten, One Beaten) / Had it not been for a few human women that willingly served Doden, he would have lain on the f… HOLDING…DEFENSE…#19 Relax…step back / Let us barely touch for awhile. / Breathe my breath…I’ll breathe yours / Then maybe…depending…we’ll invade. Raven’s Song – page 19 this child will be strong, she tells herself / this child will survive ‘’a j’darwin to cleopatra 2 &am… maybe, put the other way: / whate’er the satisfaction / it boils down is consciousness / . / . / the self / one has / e’en now / . / . / ju… 19 How many years will it take / not to miss you FEATURED PHOTO IN CATS AND DOGS 19-APRIL-2009 Many thanks to the Moderators for selecting my photo of Milo for a Feature to my soul /my female version / self 19 waiting to get my phone to get / yr voice into my ears brain, why / all everywhere in my body / always pinging! there and elsewhere / wa… SALE – 19-AUG-2010 – “Gulf Air … Thank you to the buyer of an Extra Large Canvas Print of this image!!! dulcinea 19 (….& others) let’s meet in a room / filled with mistletoes
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