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9/11 “America could feed the third world with the amount they spend on nuclear weapons. Yet they don’t?!” / “It’s just hunger to gain more, just… I WAS THERE! On that day, I was there. That day, September 11 2001; there, New York City MAD WORLD-9-11 Courtesy of C.N.N the horror will never end. / Those images indelibly etched in our minds eye. / The endless repeats of that plane slamming… TWIN TOWERS DEATH CAME FROM ABOVE. / TWIN TOWERS 9-11 / PRAY FOR THE LIVING! / PRAY FOR THE INNOCENT DEAD! / PRAY FOR AN END TO TERROR! 9-11 TRILOGY Mad World / Courtesy of C.N.N the horror will never end. / Those images indelibly etched in our minds eye. / The endless repeats of that pl… A Revolution in Kindness in Four Parts I / Imagine a world where: / Sensitivity was respected above all qualities / Corporates listened to the voice of the workers and created sh… LET US NOT FORGET It was a September day / All the world was silent / The birds stopped singing / The quiet before the violence / The sky seemed strange / Ha… 9/11 in the blink of an eye / one beat of a heart / the time has passed / but we remember / we will never forget / 9/11 / look up at the heavens… Never Forget… 9/11/01 My tears have ceased to shed / But I will never forget the dead / The ones they could not save / The souls that were so brave… A Tribute to 9/11 Two thousand one, nine eleven / Five thousand plus arrive in heaven. / As they pass through the gate, / Thousands more appear in wait. / A … Healing perspective on 9/11 By the same measure of the tragedy, world peace will raise from the dust of despair. The Trials and Tribulations of the Modern Day Sou… We cannot stop bad things from happening… you and I have no power to control others, but we have the power to love and love changes people.… Casualty of Sin Jesus take this bleeding child / with dime sized arms / no one wanted to carry / mourn the child as a casualty of sin / Jesus take the ble… Unfurled…….. Open to the Wind Wishing that this never happened / Knowing there is sadness to yet feel / Hearts pleading in selfish requesting / Solutions / from whence d… WILD WEST WET DREAM I was on cloud 9 / 24-7. / But all that changed / On 9-11. / Now there’s an endless war / Against terrorism. / And the spin doctors are oil… 9/11 An Open Letter to my Friends The internet has one great use I’m told: Genealogy, but I think it has a second great function, and that is to unite us across barrie… 11 Months, 4 Days, 9 Hours & Pocket Change But a serpent strangled the lie I believed / Before the whisper should reach my lips 9 – 11 9 – 11 / Eleven years ago today / The horror that I felt / Hearing of planes crashing / Into buildings / Where Americans / Died and l… Comments 9/11/08 Thank you to everyone who has commented on my stuff over the past couple of weeks. / Your comments are much appreciated. / Thanks again B… NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN — 9/11 THE SKYS DID NOT HAVE TO OPEN / OUR TEARS FELL LIKE RAIN / FOR ALL NEW YORKERS / WE ARE STILL IN PAIN / ON THE ILL-FATED DAY IN SEPTEMBER /… Remembering Sun shining through the window / On the 14th floor / Office morning conference / Door opens / Donna speaks words not making sense / A plane… Was there repentance? God lifted up the skirts where osama hid / beneath the clods of dirt, / for years the earth hid him / living quietly / in the tomb of his h… Hitler on Healthcare: An Open Letter to America b… This September it will have been 70 years since the start of World War 2 and I have to ask: is everyone done shitting on me yet? the man behind the mohawk… 9/11 9/11/11 @11.57am / i was running a crew lifting a house in charlton city, mass. i had sent a helper out for “coffee and” and … 9/11/2001—Then and Now a day like any other day Obama Speech 9/8/11 “PASS THIS BILL NOW!… WHAT??? Clear Blue Sky 9/11, Remember our dead on a clear blue day….. “FEATURED” Ground Zero – Rememb… Peering through a veil of red, white and blue, consciousness resurfaces… September Madness – In Remembrance of 9/11 The morning sang of hope, the sun burned bright, / No warning signs of danger in the air. 9-11-13; hanging heads 9-11-13 @9:00am / i often mention to friends and family how sad it is that the only American flag that can be seen from my front porch is … Where are the Words? It’s covered with the dust / Of dissolving families / And trembles with birthing pains / Of orphans Here’s my Option: Fuck the Public! Obamacar… As an avid reader of New York Post headlines and Sarah Palin’s Tweets I can assure you that Ralph Wigglesworth has already heard all he nee… The Day after 9/11 The day after there was still blood on my face. / The dead, in a heap of ash, / The ones who were gone in a moment of hatred / Then there … TOWERS OF TEARS Who would have dreamed of such destruction / So many lost buried by construction / Towers so proud standing tall like soldiers / Reduced to… Beauty Across the River there are so many somebodies / we learn to ignore everybody. / But they were pretty, the smoke clouds / Hiding the places where the buildin… 9-11 I woke up this morning to the sounds of hysteria! / I heard people screaming in the other room, Nine+Eleven=Terrorism? Nine+Eleven=Terrorism? / Dread dead they’re all just words / Shot at stabbed at the killer course / Daddies Mommies they’ve got no truth / … Poem….Ah, my Beloved, fill the Cup that cle… Ah, my Beloved, fill the Cup / Ah, my Beloved, fill the Cup that clears / To-day of past Regrets and future Fears -- / To-morrow? -- W… 9-11 on redbubble I just typed 9-11 and hit search….. / What I found was very moving from far and near…. / Please take the time to look at all th… September 11, 2001 At 2 p.m. in Las Vegas, America will fall, I knew. “Somebody doesn’t like the Super Bowl or Mc Donald’s,” I said… 9/11/01. only now am i feeling the effects / of september 11th, 2001. / nine years after it. / and now i choose to cry. / the fatal day that four hi… At Ground Zero do we know that there will come / a reckoning / that all accounts must be settled / as those who crashed into dust / at Ground Zero 9/11 i was at work, that day of change / and tragedy, and waste / the day the skyline tore apart / the day the world fell down / my first reacti… Come On – Sense For example, Come On – Sense! / Why the fears of 9/11 / And Global condemnation Thank you Hosts And Friends For the Feature and F… Thank you you hosts and moderators in Color And Light for featuring “Shadows Of Time” ! Thank your friends for the top ten… 9/11 – ten years of recovery well it hasnt been ten years for me. / it still seems like 5 miserable minutes ago. / high up in the air / all of a sudden, paralyzing fear… Tomorrow Will Come Let us see your faces / To know just who you were. / Not only a number stricken by terror; / You were our brothers, our sisters, / Lovers a… Half a Decade I still remember waking up / Alarm clock radio sounding off to vague news reports / I turned on the TV just in time to see the second tower… Kansas [11-9-2008] Oil pumps dot the fields for miles, / Like giant metal bison. / Rust for fur, / And shoulders of rotating turbines. OUR FLAG TATTERED AND TORN / SMOKEY, BLOODY , WORN / OUR FLAG IS STILL HERE The Falling Man I believe that the image of the falling man taken on September 11th was the most significant one linking to that event. I believe that the … Today I Cried   / I awoke to a beautiful day, / A sky so blue , / A day full of hope and promise, / Today I cried /   / I watched as huge planes filled /… Remembrance 9/11 As the ashes settle to the ground, our sights in this world come clear. We see the things around us that were never seen before. WINGS They were carried first on shiny metal wings, / Thrown by evil into unintended paths. SATAN’S FORTUNE 9/11/02 A year to this day, and Satan is pleased, / Before him, in fear, bin Laden on knees. / “My Captain, you slut, you have bought yoursel… the Fall of Civilization If our civilization fell, it would do so in such a way that no one would notice…poets would prophesize with their pens, unaware that their … A Letter Home( You are missed..9-11-01) Same faces / New fears / All in anger / All in tears / “Mom and Dad, / I know what you’re thinking / It’s really not true… Featured in the Bit and Pieces Group 11/9/08 YAY, my image “Sunshine Fills the Room,” has been featured in this fabulous group. Thanks to the group hosts!!! I’d Support Obama I’d support Obama,… / if the ‘Gitmo’ base was closed, The Bloodaxe Saga, Book 2: Of Dreams and Fate Ch.… Chapter Nine / (Bogies) / The 300 mile trek to Lykthiem, the Light Elves’ seat of power, while not an overly-arduous one, did take a fair t… Erotic 11…The Stranger 18/9/10 Have you heard xxxxx of the stranger in a dinner jacket who climbed up the outside of a hotel only to land on your balcony…with the tall fr… 9 11 911 Liberty’s Plea ~ I wrote this soon after 9/11. I remember feeling comforted that the Statue of Liberty still stood proud… 9/11 Nine Years Ago… Regrettably, I replied to the news with “I don’t give a shit about world trade or the economy” – words even more i… My Brother; USMC 2011; Promotion in Rank; USMC Promotion In Rank; My Brother Jackson / Father a former Marine and Uncles in other services littler brother to you I thank SATAN’S FOLLY 9/11/01 And Satan commanded his captain, bin Laden / To crawl on his belly and come down before him. / “My servant you’ve failed me, th… 9/11 (A Haiku) Was 9/11 / A life changing event or - / Just another day? Nine Eleven The greatest Phoenix yet is soon to rise. 9-11-01 The city weeps with this new day / Our nation’’s hearts are sad and gray / The tears are slowly rolling down / For loved ones l… Never Forget ‎9/11——> Let us not cry for those that died that day. 9/11- Another monologue from another victim… BBABARA: yeah well the whole day started out fine ya know? I woke up and got my kids ready to drive them to their high school like I always… Boots on the Ground: Justice is Served Order dispatched from the commander in chief / Send in the men, the mission to be done / To conquer the enemy, long last and due / Proudly … 9/11 September the 11th 2001 fictional poem of the life of a worker in wtc on… I see mass panic from every one and the enormous smoke clouds and smoke in my building. / I am afraid and scared that I may die but if I do… Never Forget “May we never forget that day, that sight, / When the towers bent and broke under that fateful flight.”

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